Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock
Smart Password Fingerprint Lock

Smart Password Fingerprint Lock

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Bluetooth Smart Password Fingerprint Lock Outdoor Waterproof Stainless Steel Fingerprint Padlock Smart Home lock USB Charging


1. It can accommodate 15 fingerprints at the same time, and important people can record them.

2. Made of ADC12 aluminum alloy, it can prevent shearing and theft.

3.IP67 waterproof design. After 30 minutes of rainstorm test, unlocking is not affected at all.

4. After many tests, it can resist 650KG tensile force, which is very safe.

5. Unlocking is very fast, and it can be recognized quickly in 0.5 seconds.

6.USB charging mode, which can stand by for 3 months when fully charged once.

7. Four unlocking modes: Bluetooth unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking and temporary password. You can also grant permission to your relatives and friends, and send you a short message when you open the lock, so that you can accurately understand the unlocking situation.

8. There is also a low battery reminding function to remind you to charge in time.

Operating instructions: this machine can set up two administrators, the first fingerprint and the second fingerprint

(1) add fingerprints:

A. press and hold the fingerprint sensor for 3S, then the blue light will light up, and then the green light will flash, indicating that the fingerprint can be entered;

B. Press the finger that needs to record the fingerprint on the sensor. The blue light flashes to indicate that you can continue (one fingerprint needs to be pressed 5 times), and the red light flashes to indicate that the admission failed. Press it again;

C. The green light flashes all the time in the input state, and the pressed finger needs to be collected from multiple angles, which is helpful to the sensitivity when unlocking.

(2) Adding member fingerprints: Adding fingerprints when fingerprints already exist:

Press and hold the sensor for 3 seconds, and the blue light will be released once, and it will stay on. At this time, input the fingerprint of the administrator (either one of the two administrators) (i.e., the first or second fingerprint set). When the input fingerprint of the administrator is correct, the indicator light will change from blue to green flashing, and repeat the first step to add the fingerprint.

(3) Delete all fingerprints: in any mode, press the sensor for 5 seconds, the blue light comes on twice and then releases, and the red light is always on. At this time, the administrator touches the fingerprint (either one of the two administrators). If the fingerprint recognition is normal, turn on the green light and all fingerprints will be deleted.

(4) Low voltage: when the voltage is equal to or lower than 3.5V, the red indicator will flash for 15 seconds; If it is in a low power state all the time, give an alarm once every minute.

(5) Charging: During charging, the red and green indicator lights flash alternately, and when they are full, the lights go out.


Product: smart password fingerprint lock

Colors:Silver, gold

Material: aluminum alloy

Waterproof: IP67

Battery capacity: 100mA

Charging method: USB charging

Fingerprint capacity: 15

Compression resistance: 10 tons

Tear resistance: 550KG

Standby time: about 3 months (about 1000 times)

Features: super waterproof, pressure resistant and pull resistant

You will receive: 1* smart Bluetooth password fingerprint lock 1* instruction manual 1* charging cable 1* packing box

Package Included:

1* lock

1* instructions

1* charging line